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Akhbar : Borneo Post Online   |    Tarikh : 15 January 2019

MIRI: Industrial Training Institute (ILP) or technical institutions play an important role in nation building.

State Assemblyman for Pujut Dr Ting Tiong Choon said more skilled people in various technical fields are needed, as human resources is the key for current and future development of a nation.

“The hard work of all parties, including the director, teachers, staff and student has made ILP Miri an institution known throughout Sarawak and Malaysia,” he said during the closing ceremony for ILP Orientation Week.

“We shall train people in areas that are required in our country, especially with advancement in technology to improve work efficiency and productivity. The Sarawak government is now emphasising digital age. We need to be more aggressive in this area,” he added.

Dr Ting reminded students that as future leaders they should make work place safety a priority as Sarawak is one of the most dangerous place to work.

He said in the first 10 months of 2018, the state had 30 cases of work-related fatality (out of 173 in Malaysia), 27 persons suffered permanent disability (out of 127 in Malaysia) with 60 per cent   fatalities in the construction and manufacturing sectors.

Both employers and employees need to be aware and more vigilant about safety at the work place, he added. Also present at the event was ILP Miri director Dr Rosnah Binti Muhamad Tahir.