Tn. Hj. Zuraka bin Yusof 

Assalamualaikum and Salam Sejahtera,

ADTEC Shah Alam (ADTECSA) was developed in year 2001 to produce skilled manpower to enhance the country industrial competitiveness. Training opportunities are available in ADTECSA for youths and school leavers, and graduates from other training institutions who wish to further up their training as well as employees from the industry who wish to enhance their knowledge and skills.

Having involved in TVET for the past decades, ADTECSA now focuses on building students’ talent in attitude, skills and knowledge based on practical experiences in the workshops and laboratories, their theoretical classes are conducted based on the applications of knowledge, and their attitudes are polished towards caring their profession and career development through their daily training activities. They will be trained in an integrated training environment where 60% of the training are emphasized on practicing the skills while the remaining 40% are on theories.

ADTECSA has strengthened its program on Engineering Technology Diploma where 7 programs are being conducted to fulfill the industrial needs on graduates with strong foundation in Engineering Technology. (please refer to our full time course list). Those graduated in engineering technology will be exposed to skills and knowledge at the same rate compared to their colleagues in technology programs but with deeper theoretical knowhow. Additional subjects such as Physics, Mathematics, English and Islamic/Moral Studies will be mandatory to them in order to build a strong knowledge foundation. The graduates are able to work at the industry as technicians or assisting the engineer at the workplace, or furthering their training for a degree in engineering technology at any technical universities (MTUN) such as UTEM, UNIMAP, UTHM, UMP or UniKL.

Those attended certificates training at ILPs are always welcome to take up diploma courses in Technology and Skills where they will be given add-ons to their current knowledge and skills with more advanced content of the syllabus. The diploma and level 4 certificate that they earn will boost their market value and able to fill better position and better pay at the industry as skilled worker.

Before graduating, all ADTECSA students will have to undergo a six month On the Job training (OJT) at the industry in order to give students a good blend between institutional training and industrial work experiences. Most industries give good response to requests from students to get a place, reason being they are able to be absorbed as permanent workers after the OJT duration.

The requests for skill and knowledge enhancement training from the industry has been overwhelmed for the past 2 years which reflects an increase in the technology used by the industry. As a government owned training organization, our main aim is to assist the industry in developing their human capital and hence, despite of various machineries and equipment that we possess, the charge for training is at the minimum, just to recover back cost and some provision for future maintenance. In 2016, we manage to train 5043 workers from various industries. All trainings carried out in ADTECSA are claimable under the HRDF schemes.

SMEs are welcome to discuss for possibility of using our machineries and equipment in ADTECSA for their production of prototypes, or producing small parts using our CNC machines. Any enquiries are always welcome.

Together we form a competent and competitive workforce conquering the technology, competitive and productive to yield for the economy, and sacred in heart to be truthful in daily activities, for a better Malaysia.

Thank you.

Director ADTEC Shah Alam