Advance Technology Training Center Shah Alam, better known as ADTEC Shah Alam is one of 32 training institutes under the Manpower Department, Ministry of Human Resources. It was built on the site of forty (40) acres located in the industrial area of Bukit Alam, which is 9 kilometers from the center of Shah Alam, Selangor.

Groundbreaking Ceremony and Foundation Stone park was finalized on the 15th of October 1998. Work - building construction work officially began on 22 February 1999 to be implemented through rules or Turnkey Design & Build. Shah Alam ADTEC building construction was completed in October 2000.

ADTEC Shah Alam has made its first intake of students in January 2001, a total of 107 students in courses that run the courses Electrical / Electronic and Mechanical Engineering / Production.

Shah Alam ADTEC Opening Ceremony was officiated by Deputy Prime Minister Dato 'Seri Abdullah bin Ahmad Badawi on 11 January 2003.